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Thread: Site development in the middle of single-family

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    May 2005

    Site development in the middle of single-family

    I was wondering if anyone can think of a small site (10-30 acres) that has been development as mixed-use in an area that is primarily single-family homes. I have an underused intersection (7-11, movie theater, vacant bingo parlor) that is completely surrounded by SF home; some existing examples would be helpful for redevelopment considerations. I'd like to find some new urbanist examples, but everything within that realm seems to be on a much larger scale.


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    Jun 2003
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    Gateway Planning Group is working on a concept called Town Creek in New Braunfels, TX. It's in an older single-family nieghborhood and is about 30 acres as I recall.


    Town Creek Final Charette Report (PDF)

    The monkey wrench that may limit its applicability to you is the proposed commuter rail stop located in the center of it.

    Another city to look at is Leander, TX. It's largely a bedroom community for Austin, but is turning towards TOD/NU for a fair amount of new development. I'm sure some projects will be smaller infill/brownfield redevelopments nestled into single-family areas.

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