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Thread: Any good examples of beach design?

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    Any good examples of beach design?

    We have a semi-protected (breakwall) area on Lake Erie that our rec department wants to get pricing on for creating a "beach" area. It is a relatively small area (60' x 60). I cannot find any typical sections of beach design anywhere on the internet. If anyone has a good sketch/drawing or link of a beach typical section it would be helpful. We would like to find out costs prior to bugging the USACE and ODNR. Thanks for any help you could pass along.
    This is my "GO FISH" project of the week, as it may or may not (more likely) come to fruition.
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    This is a hard one to assess, as it would depend on the currents, etc. Have there been any waterfront or boardwalk redevelopments in your area that you can gather some info on regarding the technical portions of the design, and then adapt the other amenities later?

    Most of my experience in beach design is in WA & CA, so I don't think it would transfer well to the Great Lakes

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