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Thread: PATH to Newark/ Liberty Airport

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    Jan 2007
    Old Bridge, NJ

    PATH to Newark/ Liberty Airport

    Has there ever been any study, serious or otherwise, to extend the PATH from Newark Penn Station out to the Newark / Liberty Airport Rail Station ? Mayor Bloomberg, among others, have mentioned it over the years.

    Any Suggestions on an intermediate stop ?
    How about South Street/Mulberry Street ?

    Wasn't there a South Street stop on the Old Penn RR line ?

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    Cyburbian DetroitPlanner's avatar
    Mar 2004
    Where the weak are killed and eaten.
    Its easy enough to take the bus from the airport to the station. The only benefit I can see for that would be a seamless train from the airport to Manhatten. Not everyone landing is going to Manhatten. For example, I took the bus from the airport to Penn Station and went S to Princeton. A train might have made that trip more complex than that.

    Whats good for Bloomberg may not be good for Jersey.

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    Sep 2006
    Staten Island, NY
    Plus, there is already rail from Newark Liberty to Midtown Manhattan via NJ Transit Northeast Corridor to Penn Station. I suspect Bloomberg wants PATH to the airport so that Lower Manhattan can have direct service to the airport, but I think they're bigger transportation priorities in the region right now than this. Also that PATH connect would end up being very slow, 40 minutes+ to WTC. And aren't the old Penn right away now the NE Corridor and filled with trains anyway.

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    Jul 2006
    Northern Ireland
    The NJ train to Penn from Newark is very good! Once I made it from Penn at 5:15 for a flight that left at 6:30!

    I take it whenever I fly into Newark. Aren't they re-configuring the Train/Metro etc transport connections in Manhattan so that once you're at Penn you have better options?

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    Cyburbian Tide's avatar
    Oct 2005
    Yeah there is really no need to extend the PATH to Newark airport. The Amtrak northeast corridor has 4 lines that go right there and you can take any number of NJTransit trains and sometimes an occasional Amtrak from Penn Newark to the airport for 5 bucks I believe. The cost of extending the PATH line would be a white elephant when there are so many other transit projects needed in the next 20 years. . . do I hear trans Hudson tunnel?

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