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Thread: Re: [IowaAPA] shadowing request

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    Susan Bradbury

    [IowaAPA] shadowing request

    Dear Iowa APA members:

    I am seeking planners in both the public and private sectors who would be
    willing to be interviewed by an Iowa State University Planning student. I
    am currently teaching an undergraduate planning theory course and one of
    their class assignments is to interview and "shadow" a planner for a day.
    The idea of this assignment is to teach them about what planners do, how do
    we do it and how do ethics shape our work and/or our decisions. I am
    particularly looking for individuals who have a degree in planning or are
    AICP certified.

    If you are willing to participate please let me know. I am going to try and
    match-up students and planners based on geographical location, type of work
    (i.e. city vs. county; private vs public sector) and area of interest
    (transportation, urban design, land use, community development, etc.) so if
    you could provide me with your name, title/position/agency, contact
    information and specialization, that would be helpful. In terms of a time
    line, the interviews/shadowing will need to take place during the next
    couple of months for the assignment is due mid April.

    As some of you are probably aware, I have made a similar requests over the
    past several years and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you
    for being so generous with your time. Thanks to all of you all of the
    students in the past were paired with a planner and they all reported it to
    be a worthwhile exercise (and judging from their papers, I believe they
    greatly benefited from the experience). I have a very large class this year
    consisting of 55 students so your willingness to volunteer would be greatly
    appreciated. Also if you could suggest someone else -- perhaps in your
    office, who also might be willing to participate, that would also be most
    welcome. Thank you.


    Susan L. Bradbury, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor
    Department of Community & Regional Planning
    Iowa State University
    (515) 294-8720
    email: bradbury (AT) iastate (DOT) edu

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    RE: [IowaAPA] shadowing request

    Susan, I think you mentioned that you had some to shadow me. I am going to
    Linn County the evening of the 15th to attend a Local Housing Trust Fund
    Meeting if that person would like to come along.thanks-frank

    Frank Owens
    Community Development Field Specialist
    Iowa State University
    ISU Downtown Des Moines
    John and Mary Pappajohn Center#300B
    1200 Grand Avenue
    Des Moines, Iowa 50309
    Phone: 515-235-4644
    Fax: 515-235-4641
    Email: frowens (AT) iastate (DOT) edu
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    RE: [IowaAPA] shadowing request

    Hi Susan,

    I enjoyed having students from your class in the past and would be happy to
    do the shadowing again this year. I am now working with Region 6 Planning
    Commission in Marshalltown, and I asked our director, Marty Wymore, if he
    would be interested in having a student visit our office this year. He is
    agreeable to do this if you have a student who would like to come to
    Marshalltown and job shadow with me and/or him. We do a lot of different
    things including transportation planning, trails development, paratransit
    services, CDBG housing program, economic development, grantwriting, etc.

    I look forward to hearing from you and/or your student(s). Please contact
    me at dsampson (AT) region6planning (DOT) org or by phone. Thanks,

    Donna Sampson
    Region 6 Planning Commission
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    Mescher, Phil [DOT]

    RE: [IowaAPA] shadowing request

    Hi Susan,

    I would be glad to do this again this year for your students. Anyone
    interested in Transportation Planning would be great. My contact
    information is as follows:

    Phillip J. Mescher, AICP
    Office of Systems Planning
    Iowa Department of Transportation
    Phil.Mescher (AT) dot (DOT) iowa.gov
    "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once."

    - Albert Einstein
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    Ray D Anderson

    Re: [IowaAPA] shadowing request

    Dr. Bradbury:

    The five Planners, including the Director of Planning and Housing, that
    work for the City of Ames have a wide range of backgrounds and a number of
    years of experience in the "Planning" field. The Director has a bachelor's
    degree in Planning and one of the Planners has a Master's Degree in
    Planning. The remaining three Planners have degrees in fields other than
    "Planning". None of these three Planners are certified by the American
    Planning Association. I personally have 27 plus years of experience as a
    City Planner,and have worked for three cities. Unfortunately, I do not
    meet your minimum qualifications of having a degree in "Planning" and being
    "AICP" certified. I wish you and your students well, and would encourage
    you to contact the two Planners in our office that meet your minimum

    Thank you.

    Ray D. Anderson
    City of Ames
    Department of Planning & Housing
    515 Clark Avenue, P.O. Box 811
    Ames, Iowa 50010

    Phone: (515) 239-5400
    Fax: (515) 239-5404
    E-mail: randerson (AT) city (DOT) ames.ia.us

    Caring People * Quality Programs * Exceptional Service
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