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Thread: Urban Planning as a major: Thoughts?

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    Jan 2007
    Saskatoon, SK, Canada

    Urban Planning as a major: Thoughts?

    I'm presently a third-year Arts & Sciences student with my major in English. Recently, though, I've been doing some reading on urban planning - for which I lay the blame on one Will Wright & co. - and have begun wondering about how it might be as a career. Any things that a person considering that particular field ought to know? Words of wisdom? Defining experiences?

    I'm all ears.

    Edit: On second thought, this might have been better in the Career Advice subforum, which I missed glancing over the forums list. Could a mod move it there instead?

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    Moved to "Student Lounge"

    Edit 2: ...I see I need sleep more than I thought.

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    I don't work in the field, but Urban Studies courses were some of my favorite in college. I think it could be a very fun job.

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