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Thread: Adaptive reuse liability insurance

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    Sep 2004

    Adaptive reuse liability insurance

    I realize that this might not be the best forum. . . but,

    I'm working on an adaptive reuse project and am getting really high numbers for liability insurance products. Essentially they want to provide a wrap-around policy that covers all of hte subcontractors and is ridiculously expensive.

    I think this is a mismatch that is coming from bad rental to condo converison projects. . . The firm I work for has G.C.'d suburban style condo projects before and not had insurance problems but desite a near gut rehab of a center city concrete post and beam building we can't seem to get reasonable insurance quotes. . .

    Does anyone have any good firms to suggest that may be able to distinguish these differnces or that may specialize in 'urban' projects.


    Anybody? ? ?
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