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Thread: Levee risk list

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    Jun 2003

    Levee risk list

    Article from the AP Wire:

    and list of levees at risk:

    Article highlights:
    If the Corps of Engineers determines a levee to be at risk of failing, homeowners in the area could be required to purchase flood insurance, though exceptions can be made.

    Communities near the levees have been notified that they have received an "unacceptable maintenance inspection rating." That means a levee has one or more problems, which can include movement of floodwalls, faulty culverts, animal burrows, erosion or tree growth, according to a statement released by the Corps.

    As the Corps decertifies the adequacy of a particular levee, it also notifies FEMA, which can take away the credit communities get on their flood insurance rate for having a levee. (this is a CRS Activity)
    Q. Were you aware of the list ?
    Hopefully your fair city/county is not on the list.
    we are not on the list.

    My involvement with our levee authority is only throught the annual CRS Recertification process.

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    Mar 2005
    Wow. California looks like it's very vulnerable.

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    Feb 2003
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    We are well represented on the list. Most of the diking disticts in this area have been defunct for several decades. Interestingly (or, "sadly", I guess is a better word here), many of our Measure 37 claims are on lands that are (not-so) protected by these deteriotated levees.

    We will begin to advise applicants that are planning to build in these areas that adhering to established BFEs may not be wise. I still need to review the original flood insurance studies to discern the level of protection that was granted to these areas as a result of the presence of dikes. Once I've got some numbers pulled together, we will then encourage folks to build that much higher to avoid getting stuck paying costly flood insurance premiums down the road...oh...yea...and to avoid having those pesky flood waters in their dining rooms and kitchens. (almost forgot that part )

    Interestingly, we received a list of "poor/fair" levees earlier this week. Today, we received a "revised" list that scales back the number of "poor" dikes by about 80%. It's amazing that 4 out of every 5 dikes in the county have been repaired in less than a week's time. Playin' politics with dikes -- haven't we learned our lesson yet? Um, no.

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