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Thread: Hello From Louisville KY

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    Feb 2007
    Louisville, KY

    Hello From Louisville KY


    I'm the Co-founder of Careerbarn.com, which was launched in 2000. I work on Careerbarn in my spare time and work full-time as a Manager of Online Marketing for web and email programs for a large pizza company in Louisville.

    I write many career articles that could be of some use to job seekers under the Career Advice section of Cyburbia. Hopefully I can provide some knowledge for job seekers. If there are articles or topics that you would like more info on I will try to point you in the right direction.

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    Sorry, but if you're joining just to promote your company ... uhh, no. I'm deleting your other post in Career Advice, because it's just a promotion for your company; it's a one way post directing people to visit your site. Your intentions may be sincere, but that type of promotion isn't allowed on this site.

    2.3 Two way discussion
    New threads should encourage two-way discussion.

    2.9 Advertising and spam
    Job postings, RFQs, conference and seminar announcements, calls for papers, and other planning-related announcements may be placed in The Kiosk.

    Otherwise, advertising is not permitted. This includes:
    ✱ Spam and general advertisements.
    ✱ Guerilla marketing, stealth marketing, street team marketing, and astroturfing.
    ✱ Spamdexing, profile spam, and other "black hat" search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.
    ✱ Chain letters and pyramid schemes.
    ✱ Other messages and solicitations primarily intended to promote a cause, venture, organization, event (except Cyburbia and other planning and urbanism-related events), or Web site not directly related to planning, or other entity or activity, whether or not money is involved.

    2.11 One-trick ponies
    The board is not intended to furnish users with a forum for single-mindedly promoting their personal agenda. We reserve the right to ask users to limit or refrain from posting on a certain topic.

    Just got back from curling, so I might have to break this out.

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