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Thread: Coalition of the idealistic

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    Coalition of the idealistic

    There are more than a few proposals for 'better' planning, development, hiring processes, and so on...Is idealism a residual effect of being youthful or can 'lofty' and 'grandiose' visions succeed? While I agree that venting is sometimes beneficial, where is the pro-activity? Are there no managers, directors, etc. with similar ideals of betterment, advocacy, etc.? Are those who speak of the system as corrupt, depletive, etc. so far removed from each other that strength in coalition cannot occur? My vision is to get into a small to medium-size growing, acceptably budgeted town, move up the ranks, draw my 'friends' into other offices (political, legal, development, etc.) and then take over the whole place...then, maybe, something 'better' can work....any takers?

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    Why should you wait all that time to move up the ranks? You and your friends should just take over the community...now...by force. Meanwhile, the rest of us will plug away educating the public, building coalitions from within, finding workable solutions for the issues, and getting our jobs done.

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    Upset about the dismal state of writing in the planning profession. Heard many years ago that the American Bar Association was doing a project on legal writing. Has anyone seen this, or know of other related sources?Was thinking of getting together with other like-minded folks at the APA conference. Any takers?

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