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Thread: No benefits offered? What does one do?

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    Apr 2004
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    No benefits offered? What does one do?

    I have always wondered what happens if you get offered a great job, but the firm offeres no benefits (as of yet).
    Is it worth it? How does one find good benefits?

    Any experience?

    I am asking on behalf of... a friend...
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    I won't work without decent benefits because of the kids.....


    1. Use a spouses benefits
    2. Buy existing Cobra insurance options (very expensive$$)
    3. Remember to negotiate with an employer who doesn't offer benefits, because they are SAVING BIG $$ (Between $600 and $1200 per employee a month!!!) Ask for another $300 to $600 a month, because they are asking for a lot in this day and age to expect a professional, educated person to just not have any benefits
    4. What is your definition of benefits? They still are required to pay social security to the feds, along with all the other stuff....taxes....
    5. What about retirement?

    If it were me, I would consider it, if the payday was big enough and I had control over the money that would normally go into some defined benefit package....

    What you describe sounds like an independent contractor.......kinda how strip club operators deal with dancers.....er.....at least that's what I've heard......
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    Aug 2001
    An employer that doesn't offer benefits makes me wonder about how much they value their employees. If they are skimpy on benefits, what else are the going to skimp on?

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