Below is my first-draft outline of a long term project. The next step is meeting with a dozen major economic actors to get their input and involve them in the process of the analysis. I cannot find threads after an hour's search addressing the kind of economic overview we are attempting here.

Can anyone please advise me of relevant threads/forums? Or comment directly on this draft or similar processes you have undertaken?

Economic Analysis of the City of Key West

Immediate goal:
Understand financial flows in the Key West economy

Purpose of study:
Inform policy decisions that impact the prosperity of the city


Sources of Tourists
income: Commercial investors and developers
Residential investors
Homestead residents
Second-home residents
Government agencies
External tax money transferred here
Military bases

Type of income: Discretionary consumption
Private investment funds
Transfer payments
Social Security
Capital gains
Residential RE appreciation
Business appreciation

Financial outflows:
Profits made here remitted to home offices elsewhere
Capital gains made here and spent elsewhere (cheaper homes up north)
Taxes collected here sent elsewhere (county, state, federal, gas)
Mortgage interest sent to external banks

Factors affecting flows:
Natural: climate, waters
Political: US vs. foreign