I have worked as an on-site consultant for nearly 2 years here at the City. They recently advertised 2 positions - a bike/ped coordinator and Chief of tran planning.

The transportation planning department existed years ago but was dissolved due to administration changes. I am interviewing for both. The coordinator need basically was the result of the realization that my contract (as an engineering consultant) would be ending and they had to address the ADA needs around the city and implement the bike masterplan (I already do this in addition to managing 10 design reconstruction and streetscaping projects). I am certain I will be the best canidate for the position however I doubt they can meet my salary requirements. So I decided I really want to go after the Chief position.

There is NO ONE in the new department. What would your approach be to the interview? Would you discuss your ideas about building the dept? Perspectives on tran planning for this City? The interview is by Panel and I will not be made aware who is on the panel - nor am I certain of their exposure to transportation planning.