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Thread: Vehicle dimensions for street design

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    Vehicle dimensions for street design

    Hi there,

    Anyone know of a good resource (online preferably) showing vehicle dimensions. This is for some research I'm doing on subdivision street design. Thanks. Used Kelly bluebook, but looking for summary information and hopefully diagrams showing vehicle widths versus traveled way widths. Thanks.

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    Sep 2005
    North Florida
    They may not be online but the three following references I belive have what you seek:

    ASHTO: A policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets
    Transportation and Land Development (ITE)
    Traffic Engineering (McShane and Roess)

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    Nov 2006
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    Fat Cat

    Having spent a few years in transportation planning and studies, I would concur with Flying Monkeys

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    Jul 2006
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    Another reference source would be TAC standards (Transportation Association of Canada) They provide templates showing vehicle wheelbases, widths, etc. and turn radii and sweep paths for various angles.

    Software like Autoturn may be useful to you as well. It allows you to test designs using sweep paths for a library of vehicle types

    There is a lot of information on this available, but most of it you'll have to pay for.

    You might consider looking at what other municipalities have done, and adopting/adapting their standards, since this is a pretty well-understood field; it might not be worth reinventing the wheel.

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