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Thread: Need help with grant proposal for parking lots

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    Feb 2007
    Montreal, Québec

    Need help with grant proposal for parking lots

    Hi everyone,

    Since my last post received quality input, I'm tapping the community's knowledge of a specific issue to help me develop a research grant proposal.

    The client is interested to fund research in any of the following topics :

    1. New urban configurations
    2. Urban environment and real estate development
    3. Great real estate projects

    My suggestion would be to study the user's perception of parking lots in commercial real estate. What are the user's preference in a suburban environment and in an urban/city core environment. To what degree does design has an impact on such parking lots? How tolerant are users of parking fees in either settings?

    The methodology will probably be small questionnaires (no more than 20 questions including socio-demographic information) handed out in both environment (suburban and downtown parking lots)

    I have some references, but definitely not enough IMO. Here are some classics i found and would really appreciate if anyone can give some advice or sources on the topic.

    Have a good day


    Childs, Mark C., ‘Parking Spaces : a design, implementation, and use manual for architects, planners and engineers’
    Hill, Jim, ‘Car park designers’ handbook’
    Jackle, John A., ‘Lots of parking: Land Use in a Car Culture’
    Miller, Catherine G., ‘Carscape : a parking handbook’
    Shoup, Donald c., ‘The High Cost of Free Parking’

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    Dec 2006
    This is what I use for parking lit - Links to those available on line are at :

    Paved Over:
    Surface Parking Lots or Opportunities for Tax-Generating, Sustainable Development?
    Type: Article
    Year Published: 2006
    Publisher: Center for Neighborhood Technology
    Authors: Albert Benedict, Carrie Makarewicz, Jacky Grimshaw, Scott Bernstein

    In Lieu of Required Parking
    Type: Article
    Year Published: 1999
    Publisher: Journal of Planning Education and Research
    Author: Donald C. Shoup

    Parking Management Best Practices
    Type: Book
    Year Published: 2006
    Publisher: APA Planners Press
    Author: Todd A. Litman

    Parking Management Strategies, Evaluation and Planning
    Type: Report
    Year Published: 2006
    Publisher: Victoria Transport Policy Institute
    Author: Todd Litman

    People, Parking and Cities
    Type: Article
    Year Published: 2004
    Publisher: ACCESS
    Authors: Michael Manville, Donald Shoup

    Parking Spaces/Community Places
    Type: Report
    Year Published: 2005
    Publisher: Development, Community and Environment Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington D.C.

    Shared Parking
    Type: Book
    Year Published: 2005
    Publisher: Urban Land Institute
    Author: Mary S. Smith et al.

    Hope that helps.

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