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Thread: Baltimore - redesign of major downtown roadway

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    Dec 2005
    Baltimore, MD

    Baltimore - redesign of major downtown roadway


    Ok, I have to brag and I am very excited. This is a project that began as a rehabilitation. I was assigned this project to manage design back in November 05.

    Word got out that the City was planning to spend time/money on this gateway without "sprucing it up", just preventative maintenance and various interests began pushing for more. So over the past year, a panel representing the interests (including myself) have been working to get where we are today.

    It has been a wonderful project to work on with so many planners, developers, engineers etc.

    So NOW, we just have to get the money to build it . The estimate is only $100+ million lol

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    Feb 2007
    Cambridge, MA
    Congratulations on this. Seems like it could be great for downtown Baltimore.

    This sounds like a great project but is hard to visualize because I'm unfamiliar with Baltimore. I wonder if there are any mock-ups or site plans available. Just out of curiosity.

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