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Thread: The American Interest magazine - current issue

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    Cyburbian Plus
    Jun 2003

    The American Interest magazine - current issue

    Saw this on the newsstand and found it on line.
    The table of contents has what appears to be some potentially interesting articles:

    Cities and Their Consequences
    by William H. Mcneill
    The rise of cities shaped Western history. Now it may be reshaping the world.

    Schlock and Awe
    by Paul Knox
    A short history of Suburbia, its discontents and its ironies.

    We Will Bury Them!
    by Stephen Connors
    Most American towns put hideous power lines up in the air, where they are predictably battered by storms. Why?

    Little Start-up On The Prairie
    by Joel Kotkin
    Technological change and small-town nostalgia are combining to revive America's Heartland.


    You have to subscribe to read the articles on line.
    Guess it is back to the book store to buy a copy.
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    Nov 2006
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    Fat Cat

    Actually this sounds more like a discussion that we have when more than two of us get together

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