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Thread: As not requested, a guide to American English slang phrases

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    As not requested, a guide to American English slang phrases

    My question to someone from the UKoGBaNI: if someone asked you how your bracket was, how would you respond?

    As inspired by this thread by HarryFossettsHat, I thought I'd start this thread to edumacate our friends across the pond on American slang and idioms that might elicit a response of "What the bloody hell does that mean?"

    For instance, between the frosty winter and the reprise of spring, a word that normally means "projecting structural support" is suddenly heard everywhere in casual conversation.

    That word is bracket. Well, what else does the word mean? From Wikipedia:

    "A bracket is the diagrammatic representation of the series of games played during a tournament, named as such because it appears to be a large number of interconnected (punctuational) brackets."

    Why is the word so prevalent now? It's because of March Madness, the annual NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Basketball Tournament. This time of year, the country goes nuts over brackets. Again, from Wikipedia:

    "Bracketology is the process of predicting the field of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, named as such because it is commonly used to fill in tournament brackets for the postseason."

    Really, it's an obsession among many. Some examples:


    Here's an example of what a bracket looks like.

    I watched maybe 10 minutes of college basketball this year, yet I can't have a conversation with another person without them asking "so, how is your bracket doing?"

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    Does HarryFossettsHat know as little about Bracketology as I know about Cricket?

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