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Thread: Job tasks/responsibilities in private sector (twenty to thirty-somethings)

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    Dec 2006

    Job tasks/responsibilities in private sector (twenty to thirty-somethings)

    I have been pondering for a new planner position in the private sector, working for a different firm. Being the only planner in my firm besides my boss (who runs the firm and is a landscape architect by profession), I often wonder if I am getting a quality level of planning experience, or if I need to develop stronger planning skills working in a different firm.

    Before I look for a job, get an offer, and jump ship from my current job, I would like to hear what are typical tasks/responsibilities by planers who are both (1) entry-level and (2) in the private sector so I can compare. People in their twenties or early thirties move to the front of the line

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    Feb 2007
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    As a former entry level planner (now mid-level/project manager) on a day to day basis at our design firm i was asked to do these things and i expect our entry level planners to have the ability to perform these tasks as well:

    *Project Due Diligence with minimal supervision
    *Write sections of Specific Plans, Master Plans, etc, under supervision
    *Be able to use various software apps to create opportunities and constraints mapping, base mapping, etc.
    *Contact various agencies/firms for base maps, files, etc. needed to work on a project or for project information
    *Create Land Use Alternative design concepts with supervision
    *Research zoning regulations, general plan, land use law that affects a project's outcome
    *Provide graphic support to a project through hand drawn or computer produced graphics
    *help assemble our planning documents through software apps (i.e. specific plans, master plans, etc)
    *Provide assistance at public workshops or meetings (creating any needed visual items, take notes, run powerpoint, facilitate answering questions when asked)
    *Attended meetings as a "fly on the wall" to observe what is going on between the players and take notes
    *Attend the occasional walk over to starbucks (not mandatory, but they seem to like it)

    It may seem like a lot, but management and myself feel it is a great opportunity for entry level folks to get their feet wet on every aspect of a project that is allowable under the budget. I really try to involve them in client meetings as much as possible, and i noticed that by giving them a variety of tasks, they don't get bogged down by doing the same thing over and over again.

    I started out as an assistant planner at 22, and have been a project manager since i was 25 (now the big 2-6..woo hoo!)
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