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Thread: UB University at Buffalo or UIC

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    Mar 2007
    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    UB University at Buffalo or UIC

    Does anyone have information or opinion about UB or UIC? I am interest in doing Physical Planning with GIS and some urban design. So anyone have any advice which university to pick.

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    Cyburbian supergeek1313's avatar
    Oct 2005
    City of Angels
    If Buffalo gave you any $$ then go there. I sorta regret not choosing the place. Then again, I also don't know anything about UIC other than its a good school.

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    Cyburbian njm's avatar
    Apr 2006
    Highlight of the lowland
    Living in Buffalo is like a religion...

    You have to be steadfast and fearless.

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    Nov 2006
    Buffalo, NY
    I'm currently applying to UB to get my Master's Degree in Urban Planning. I currently have a BA in Urban Planning from U Albany. I've heard many good things about the program at UB. I'm hoping that UB Urban Planning department moves downtown at some point in the near future. Idk anything about UIC or where it is.

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    Cyburbia Administrator Dan's avatar
    Mar 1996
    Upstate New York
    Blog entries
    I'm just curious about your choice of schools. Why UB? Why UIC? What did you like about the schools that inspired you to put them on the top of your short list?

    I'm a UB grad, BTW. The program has expanded and changed quite a bit since I graduated in 1996. When I attended, one thing that was unusual about the program compared to other schools was its emphasis on economics; macroeconomics, microeconomics and real estate development and financing courses were required. In my work, the economics focus at UB helped me to consider and understand the market forces that drive how the built environment is shaped, on a very deep level.

    Think of Buffalo as a living laboratory of planning; good pre-WWII classical planning, and bad post-WWII decision-making. You'll either love or hate the city. It's relatively safe, there's some very vibrant neighborhoods, a fantastic nightlife scene for a city its size, and a low cost of living. (Well, except for heating bills and taxes.) However, there's not much reprieve from the overcast skies and constant reminders of the city's fall from grace.

    There's lots of Buffalo photos in the Gallery. Take a look, and see if it's a place you could feel comfortable living in for two years.

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