Hey all,

I have a couple of questions. Any ideas on the following are much appreciated!

I am attending UCL in London in the Fall. Doin an MSc in planning there.

Anyone know how easy is it to go from an MSc in the UK into a USA PhD program? I assume since a Masters in the UK is supposed to be equivalent to a Masters in the States, there wouldn't be much I would need to do to 'catch up', but then again I don't know. Might it take longer to complete a PhD than those who had gone to US unis for their Masters?

MPhil degrees are the norm for those wishing to pursue PhDs in the UK, but I almost feel that an MPhil is similiar to the opening year of a PhD in America, so I wouldn't necessarily need an MPhil coming into a US PhD program.

Regarding pursing a PhD in the UK:

Ideally I would have an MPhil if I wanted to enter a UK PhD program, but I would like to work a bit before I go back for a PhD so I will likely opt for an MSc instead. Any idea how the transition works from an MSc to a PhD in the UK? Must I do an MPhil first?

Any info is appreciated!