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Thread: Ordinances for better design?

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    Quote Originally posted by HeartlandCityBoy View post
    We have our other stupid suburbs to compete with, and unfortunately, until we get our inner city improved, our only way to remain on top is by going out. I just want us to slow the outward expansion down while still staying competitive.

    The biggest problem with KC is that the school district is in shambles and has been for several years. Fortunately, the KCMO school district doesn't effect the entire city because there are several school districts that serve the city, like Hickman Mills, North KC, etc. At least one (KCMO) - and I think two (the other being Center SD) are not even accredited school districts. They are too mired in racial issues, politics and self-serving agendas to worry about education. There are plenty of places in KCMO I would like to live, like Waldo, Brookside, Westport, Plaza, etc., but I will not put my child in the KCMO school district and I can't afford private school. I'm sure there are a lot more people just like me. Kansas City will never reach its full potential until the school district gets straightened out.

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    Jul 2006
    Exactly, and what is sad is that the State of Missouri just took over the St. Louis schools yet Kansas City's have been getting WORSE ratings, test scores, accreditation scores, etc...

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    Quote Originally posted by nrschmid View post
    If you want to get a feel for what density looks like, I recommend the book Visualizing Density by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (2007). Very well-composed book (I might have mentioned it on a different thread). The more is much more graphic-based, and does not show developments with land set aside for permanent open space, but destroys our misconception with density=overcrowding. I think the primary intent of this argument is to convince communities with larger lots (12000 SF and up) that you can still have a feeling of privacy with smaller lots by using landscaping, variation in setbacks and lots, break down monotony through the use of major/minor variations in architectureal features of a building and so on.
    Thanks for the book recommendation!

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