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Thread: Historic district enforcement

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    Aug 2005

    Historic district enforcement

    who enforces your municipalities Historic District? planning dept? building dept?

    in my town the building department is currently the enforcing agent. we're interested in transferring the power (MUHAHAHAHAHA) to the planning dept. if possible and i was wondering how other places do it.

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    Jun 2004
    Our planning department handles basic enforcement - documenting, nasty letter writing, etc. If document-and-notify doesn't result in voluntary compliance, then we bring in other people. The building department can post stop-work orders on work underway without historic district review; our ordinance enforcement officer can write tickets under the historic district ordinance, and every once in a while the city attorney has to be involved. For the most part, though, we operate on the assumption that they didn't know they needed a historic district review and just need a little guidance, and usually that approach works out.

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    Apr 2003
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    Historic Preservation person is part of the planning department in the community I live in. The planners will inform her if they find a violation. Additionally, we have a very strong neighborhood association that contacts them if there is a violation.
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