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Thread: Mixed/shared use parking regs or criteria

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    Jun 2007
    Oklahoma City

    Mixed/shared use parking regs or criteria

    My city is in the research phases of developing a Unified Development Code, and I'm trying to find mixed use/shared use parking regulations and design criteria that work well within a New Urbanist design context. Our city is in the initial development phases of two high-density mixed-use developments, and there is expressed interest and support from council members, commissioners, and city management for building more similar developments in other infill areas around our city (current population ~ 17,000 on the outskirts of the Austin, TX metro). Information I've already found works well in a more traditional context, but would like the extra edge for all of the planned mixed use developments that our city fathers love. Any ideas or suggestions? Or better yet, references? Thanks, all.

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    Jun 2003
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    My suggestion would be to look toward the Dallas area (if you are looking for Texas examples). I know Plano has some TOD stuff in their downtown next to the DART station.

    Although more intense than what you are looking for probably, Mockingbird Station in Dallas might be useful because it was a DART station & TOD dropped into what was a very auto-oriented area previously.

    EDIT: I have not looked at their regs, but my gut instinct tells me Leander probably has something given their borderline obcession with all things TOD/NU.

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    Jul 2005
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    Check out the ForwardDallas! plan, the comp plan adopted recently. Try to find the draft if you can (PM me if needed, I can send some excerpts), it had proposed parking rates from Fregonese (sp?). The final had those stripped out as too radical, but the draft had rates for urban, transit-oriented, and regular zones.

    Generally, the mixed-use developments in this area get zoned for the regular parking rates (adjusted for transit proximity), and then there is a procedure for doing time-based shared parking to bring the total down. I still feel this overstates things at times since it doesn't really account for the "internal capture" factor (to steal a term from traffic stuff). That is, it covers a space being used by an office worker in the day and a diner at night, but doesn't look at a retail patron who also goes to the restaurant. But the variety of uses makes it all a big crap shoot, especially when the mixed-use mix can vary alot in the time between zoning and the time to move dirt.

    Mockingbird Station is a good example and has been going for 7ish years now, but it's parking rates were the result of some serious negotiations and not neccessarily any research. People complain it has bad parking but that is because the internal on-street is pretty limited, there are always plenty in the garage.

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    Jul 2007
    Houston, TX

    Shared Parking and Design Criteria for Mixed Use Development

    Walker Parking Consultants specializes in Shared Parking for mixed use developments and has been on the front end in assisting cities around the nation to develop/update parking design criteria based on our Shared Parking model. Mary Smith, our Sr. Vice President, is the parking industry's leading expert for Shared Parking and authored the book "Shared Parking - Second Edition" for the Urban Land Institute.

    I would be happy to help you out in any way we can and be a resource in your venture to develop a Unified Development Code for your city.

    Please give me a call at 281.280.0068 if you would like to discuss this further.

    Best regards,


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