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Thread: Urban growth area zoning - ideas? insights?

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    Jan 2005
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    Urban growth area zoning - ideas? insights?

    I'm trying to figure out the best way to approach this idea. I'm trying to create comprehensive standards for all zoning districts to apply to unincorporated county land that falls within the urban growth boundaries of incorporated cities' urban growth areas. It's difficult because we have different communities, with different interests, and we need one standard that applies to all land within any U.G.B.. So far I've aligned all of the cities' relevant zoning districts with ours, in a table (aligned by land use, not necessarily by exact district, i.e. a R-2 district for a large city may not be comparable to a R-2 district for a small town). Our staff worked through the R-1 section fine as we were only dealing with single family residential uses. It went well because our (the County's) ordinance wasn't far off from the cities' at all. It's going to get more complicated though, as we work through the proceeding pyramidal districts dealing with more and more land uses that require different standards based on the district it lies in. Has anyone ever done something similar to this or know of a regional/county-wide urban growth area zoning? I know of a lot of progressive communities and their urban growth boundaries, however not sure where a county has taken the initiative to head the project and make a universal code to be applied within these boundaries. Any ideas or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I can't help you with specific examples, but you should contact some of the jurisdictions in the Northeast. Many counties, as I understand it, are the only entity that controls zoning - think of the counties surrouding Washington DC that cover a large area with multiple "urban areas" within their boundaries.

    They may have ways to deal with the issue that you are working through and ways to coordinate the disparate needs and desires of urban areas of varying density and vision.
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    Urban Growth Area

    THe City of Yakima WA has had an Urban Growth Area for about 30 years now, contact Bruce Benson there 509-575-6164

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    I'm not sure I follow the question. Are you talking about those areas outside but adjacent to the unincorporated two-mile fringe area where cities have planning and zoning jurisdiction? Can you be a little more specific?

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