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Thread: New York from Canada: is there a way?

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    May 2006
    Toronto, ON

    New York from Canada: is there a way?

    Hello all,

    I still have a year to go of my planning degree here in Canada. On my third trip to NYC, I've made a decision that I'd really, really, really like to live here. I didn't even mind the 'suburbs' on my last trip, certainly much denser than most places.

    Thing is, I hear getting a job here from the outside is by no means a picnic. Is it POSSIBLE though? Are there jobs?

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    Feb 2007
    The Castle Aaaargh

    possible, yea.........

    but it is an uphill battle, not the least of which isealing with visa (no, not credit cards) issues.

    Several years ago we hired a guy out of school from Toronto to work in an Upstate NY city. We were able to get him an H-1, evidently planning is a class that is in no way protected by the US. It and he worked fine for a year. He needed to update the H-1 visa that required the Citry Manager to sign a statement that the City could not find an acceptable candidate in the States. The Manager couldn't do that. I am sure the Civil Service Commission would have been all over such a statement, and then the local Planner wanna-bes would have started complaining.

    In other words, a civil service type position (in NYS that means all public sector and a test) will be difficult. Look at the private sector. It may be easier/possible. A redevelopment agency or Commuity Development agency may or may not have the strict rules, so give them a look.

    Good luck.


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    Nov 2005
    In the "Interior".
    You need a TN visa (sometimes known as a NAFTA visa). Urban Planner, Geographer, Engineer, Landscape Architect are all approved professions. You need to have a job offer first. The visa is easy to get and last 1 year. It can renewed indefinitely.

    All the details can be found here:

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