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Thread: Airport trip generation rates

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    Airport trip generation rates

    We're getting ready to issue permits for our new airport. The last ITE studies we saw dated from 1975 in the San Francisco Bay Area. At this point, we'll be issuing the permit for the terminal, admin building and runways. The trip rates are to determine their transportation impact fees.

    Anyone have something more up to date?

    Finally, would we be double-dipping when we also charge the rental-car agencies impact fees when they come in for their permits?
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    Airports are very hard to model -- I certainly wouldn't want to use anything as old as 1975 studies based on changes to travel since then.

    You'd do well to try and find a city in your "area" (if possible) but if not, of a similar size that can share their airport data with you. This would be far more valuable to you than a simple rate. It would make sense to see where the trips were coming from within that city, and then calculate rates for similar demographic areas within your city. Really, the airport designers should be providing this data to you and you just validating it.

    The types of flights coming out of your airport will have to be similar to the one studied. If your airport is just serving one major location, then it will have different patterns than a larger airport.

    The airport rental car locations will contribute to the traffic into and out of the airport, so they should be made to contribute their portion.

    Think about other vehicular traffic contributors too: taxis, park and ride lots, shuttles to downtown airports...

    Good luck. Interesting work for you.

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    1975 is prior to deregulation and the popularization of the hub/spoke model. You may have to generate your own numbers based upon trip ends.

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    I would also suggest breaking your units into workable size. For example: calculating how many truck trips currently serve one freighter dock per day, or how many planes will the proposed hub serve, how many people on each plane (plane occ. rates), how many fights a day, how do they get to the airport (long term parking stats).

    So... as an example, Airport A will serve X planes a day, which will be X% occupied, and X% will get on at Airport A, X% are expected to arrive by SOV.

    Some of this info should be available in the marketing plans of the carriers that plan to use your airport. Remmeber that you will have a big seasonal difference and do not forget freight.

    I would also suggest pages 741 through 770 of the ITE Transportation Planning Handbook. It gives you some general ideas as to forecasts for an airport, peaking characteristics, employee arrival times, etc. Some of this info may just get you thinking about what you may require. If you don't have access to this paperweight of a book, I can PDF the pages and send them to you.

    (Also, if you need a consultant to put something together.... )

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