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Thread: Ethics of accepting gifts from clients

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    Aug 2005
    in a meeting
    we basically use the share with all rule - so food comes at Christmas time and it goes into the break room for all the departments, not just planning and code -

    when I worked in Massachusetts, it was 30 bucks but I did have a director that let me keep a 50 dollar gift certificate to a restaurant - there was a Chinese restaurant that always tried ot give us our lunch free, something that must happen a lot in China and they were always mad that we left cash anyway, we had to stop going there

    here, the rules are more vague, which I guess is okay:

    23.4 Grounds for Discipline - The reason listed below are illustrations of behaviors, which may be grounds for discipline:
    A. Drinking or using illegal drugs on the job or arriving to work while under the influence of intoxicating beverages or drugs, or bringing same on job.
    B. Failure to follow reasonable orders of superiors.
    C. Being habitually late or tardy.
    D. Failure to perform the duties of the position properly within the employee’s capability.
    E. Negligent or willful damage to Town property or private property while on the job.
    F. Conviction of theft or any other serious crime.
    G. Dishonesty, including the falsification of official reports or records.
    H. Use of abusive language toward a fellow employee or to the public or failure to treat the public with respect.
    I. Negligently endangering the safety of other employees.
    J. General conduct unbecoming a civil servant where such conduct might compromise the reputation, character and trustworthiness of the Town employee and / or government.
    K. Violation of the work rules (that are not in conflict with these rules).
    L. Acceptance of money or a gift by an employee when given under circumstances indicating the hope or expectation of receiving better treatment than that accorded to the public in general.

    so basically we can't have any fun without getting disciplined -
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    Mar 2003
    "Somewhere in the middle"
    OK let me play the other side of that for a moment.

    I could not tell you how many conferences that I have gone to and the county has paid for where sponsors give things away to lure your business. We have left those with bags of stuff.. How is that different?
    My husband has won many of our electronics from door prize drawings. Those are sponsor provided in hopes they will get business.

    The place I work now does not receive to many goodies but the heck with putting them out for everyone. I might share with the office.

    I did receive roses once I left them on my desk and anybody that wanted to smell them was more than welcome. I took a bit of guff about that but it was hard for them to disipline me when they were stuffing their mouth with gifted candy.
    It is all a matter of perspective!!!

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