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Thread: Opinions of Grad Schools

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    Apr 2007
    detroit, mi

    Opinions of Grad Schools

    Hello, all - I have been looking at a few schools, and i am a little behind because I will finish my BA in Summer 2008. What are the opinions out there of MIT, UIC, NYU, Columbia or Pratt? I am planning on community/economic development. I like the idea that Pratt's program is at night, so I can continue to work and pay the credit card bills while still at school. UIC is really close to me and I know it is a big school, but is that a good thing? If I don't ultimately want to work in Chicago, should I pick a school where I want to live/work? All thoughts are welcome...

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    Mar 2005
    North Carolina
    your best bet would be to search through old threads. all of those schools have been discussed ad nauseum over time, so i'm sure you'll find some answers to your query in there.

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