Iowa AICP Planners:

The following information came to me from
National APA concerning the new Certification
Maintenance requirements. While some of the
information has already been circulated, other
bits of information are new. Please read
carefully and contact me if you have any questions.

Gary T.
gtaylor (AT) iastate (DOT) edu

1.0 Certification Maintenance Essentials

As you are likely aware, on April 13, 2007 the
AICP Commission approved a plan for Certification
Maintenance (CM) for planners holding AICP
certification . The program details can be found
Please carefully read the following announcement.
It includes program information currently
available on the web, new information on the
transition between the existing CPD program and
CM, and an overview of questions and answers from
the PDO Exchange in Philadelphia.

Here are some of the program components (please
refer to the full program on the web):

2 year reporting cycle

32 credits/2 years

1.5 credits each for Ethics and Law

4 month grace period

Carry over credits (50%)

Exemptions and waivers
2.0 Certification Maintenance Launch

2.1 CM Program Start Date
The Certification Maintenance program will begin
on January 1, 2008. The first two-year reporting
cycle will be January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2009.

2.2 Extended Credit-Earning Period
In the period of transition between April 14,
2007 and January 2008, AICP members may start
accruing CM credits for the first CM cycle which
will begin on January 1, 2008. This gives members
a head start of eight months to start accruing
credits. The CPD online log system will be taken
offline in May and will no longer be accessible
to members for credit entry. When the credit
entry system is back online, it will be
programmed for Certification Maintenance.

2.3 CM Recording
Credits will be reported by each qualifying AICP
member into the CM online logging system. The
online CM system for entering credits is expected
to be operational in August, 2007. Certified
planners attending educational programs between
April 14, 2007 the time the CM online logging
system is launched should record their activities
on a personal paper log. Once the CM online
logging system is operational, planners should
enter those credits online based on their personal paper log.

NOTE: Please note the importance of maintaining
paper logs during this period of transition.
Members should maintain details of the course
name, date, location, sponsoring organization,
faculty and number of credits offered. Please use
the criteria in Section 3 of the CM program to
determine if the professional development
offerings of interest are likely to earn CM
credits. CM credit approval will be done retroactively.

If, after the end of the CM reporting cycle
(including the four-month grace period) CM credit
requirements have not been satisfied, the online
CM logging system will no longer be accessible.

2.4 Registered Provider Program

2.4.1 Basic Requirement
Educational providers, including APA and its
components, will be required to register with
APA/AICP in order to become qualified
professional development providers. This means
that the providers and all their eligible
educational offerings will be reviewed and, upon
approval, will be entered into the online
directory of approved CM credits that all members
may access. These courses will also be entered
into the APA/AICP online educational calendar so
that all members may become aware of these approved programs.

2.4.2 Fee
There will be a registration fee for all approved
CM educational providers. Fee amounts have not been determined at this time..

2.4.3 Program in Development
The Registered Provider program of Certification
Maintenance is currently in development.
Educational providers are not able to register at
this time. APA will make more information,
including registration fees and other
administrative details, available as the
information becomes available. Should you receive
questions about the program from educational
providers, please inform them that registration
is not available at this time and refer them to
Sections 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4 on our website for general guidelines.

3.0 Existing CPD Program

3.1 CPD Program Closing Date
The existing voluntary CPD program ended on April
13, 2007. Members will have the opportunity to
enter and submit their CPD credits until May 22,
2007. Once the CPD log is taken offline, the
ability to add courses to individual online CPD
logs will no longer be available.

NOTE: Requests for CPD approval (for courses
completed prior to April 14, 2007) will not be accepted after May 10, 2007.

3.2 CPD Certificates Honored for CM Requirements
Certified planners holding valid CPD certificates
will be exempt from CM requirements through the
end of the calendar year in which the certificate
expiration date occurs or until December 31, 2009
whichever comes first. The two-year CM
reporting cycle for said planner would begin on
January 1st of the following year, but no later
than January 1, 2010. Starting on January 1,
2010, everyone will be responsible for upholding
Certification Maintenance requirements.

Example 1: The expiration date on a CPD
certificate is August 31, 2008. The planner who
has earned that certificate would be exempt from
CM requirements through the 2008 calendar year.
All CM requirements would begin for this planner
on January 1, 2009, with the first two-year
reporting cycle starting at that time and ending on December 31, 2010.

Example 2: The expiration date on a CPD
certificate is November 15, 2007. The planner who
has earned the certificate would not be exempt
from any CM requirements since the CM program
officially begins January 1, 2008.

Example3: The expiration date on a CPD
certificate is March 30, 2010. The planner who
has earned the certificate would be exempt from
CM requirements through the 2009 calendar year.
All CM requirements would begin for this planner on January 1, 2010.

3.3 Obtaining Outstanding CPD Credits

Certified planners who had an active CPD log by
April 13, 2007 and who wish to obtain CPD credit
for educational activities completed by April 13,
2007 must have their CPD courses approved and
logged no later than May 22, 2007.

NOTE: The request for all CPD credits claimed by
April 13, 2007 must be made no later than May 10, 2007.

If, by April 13, 2007, an AICP member earned
enough eligible CPD credits to earn a CPD
certificate, this certificate will be issued and
the expiration date honored up to December 31,
2009 - so long as the CPD certificate claim is submitted by May 22, 2007.

NOTE: Credits for CPD only count up to and
including April 13, 2007. Eligible CM credits
earned on or after April 14, 2007 will count towards CM.

No credit toward, nor partial exemption of, CM
requirements will be given to certified planners
with partial, or incomplete, CPD logs.

4.0 Additional Information

Additional information can be found online at:

Please check the website frequently for updates made to the FAQ document.

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