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Thread: Open space policy

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    Open space policy

    Hello all,

    I'm looking at ammending our subdivision regulations to have a policy that defines criteria for the acceptability and applicability of open space chosen by developers. Has anybody done, heard of, or seen anything similar? Currently developers try to give us open space that isn't useable or of poor quality just to satisfy our requirement so we want to develop something to stop that. Any ideas?



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    Nov 2002
    I think most towns in CT do have such language regulating the maximum % of wetlands, relationship to other open space, etc. Many towns have a mandatory review of the application by a Conservation Commission who make recommendations on the set-aside based on criteria in the subdivision regs or an Open Space Plan.

    Is the set-aside mandatory for all subdivisions in your town? As far as demanding "good" open space, just be careful that when you demand that buildable land be open space you're not leaving too much of the sensitive land unprotected. Also seriously look into a fee in lieu of open space if you don't have one. It is usually better for smaller subdivisions without good open space.

    You might want to check with your COG about specific examples, or post the same question on the CCAPA listserve.

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    Aug 2002
    We've had the same problems and have tightened things up a bit by requiring open space connectivity (rather than just small isolated patches) and eliminating drainage areas and only allowing a percentage of wetlands to be counted towards the overall open space requirement. We also put in a minimum active recreation requirement that is helping.

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