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Thread: Community/county facilities plan

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    Oct 2005

    Community/county facilities plan

    Myself, The County Engineer, and the head of Procurement have been asked to prepare a County Facilities Plan by the County supervisor. We have the opportunity to acquire a building next to ours and expand in the near future and the supervisor wants to know what current space we have and who will need the space. We have a few satellite offices which could be combined but we will still own the buildings.

    Casting the Net here, who has complete or has an example of a community or county facilities plan. We don't need to concern park land, solid waste, or health care at this time. After we have some examples, which have been tough to find, we can bid it out to an Architecture firm but we want to know what we're asking for before we go to bid.

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    Aug 2001
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    Heere is one way...

    Do a report - look at long term growth and from that determine your staffing needs. Each department should look about 15 years ahead and determine if their will be a need for new staff positions. Also each department should look at thier filing/storage needs.

    Doing a check, look at your municipality and other municipalities then compare Population to number of staff (%), and does that comparre to your proposed staffing needs.

    Using existing and future staffing, create a floor area requirement. Senior staff in larger offices (120 to 150 square feet), other at say 120, 100 or so square feet, consider file storage, copy rooms, walkways and reception areas, washrooms etc and add floor area for each of these. Create a chart showing existing floor area by position, file, storage etc.

    From that, draft up a few conceptual additions to your building and a few site plans to show parking etc, just to see if it works.

    Then once everyone buys into it, hire the architect to do the drawings and the details

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