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Thread: Definition of through-traffic/sample truck weights

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    Definition of through-traffic/sample truck weights

    Anyone out there have a good definition for thru-traffic? Also anyone know of a good online resource showing truck weights (such as the typical weight of a oil truck or a cement truck). Thanks

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    Seems like everywhere I go, through trucks are a big problem In Flordia, we worked with the police (contracted with the sheriff's office in Broward County) to have them check invoices/ and vehicle weights to verify that they had "business" in the neighborhood they were driving in.

    An interesting article about vehicle weights SUV's and subsidies This explains A LOT about why I'm seeing so many construction workers driving MONSTER F-550's and F-650's to their kids recital and on family vacations to pull boats......I doubt these trucks see much "real" work I think I'll open a side business.....deliver one package a week....then write off my $100,000 lifted and geeked out F-650!!! How about that $700 estimated cost per driver due to bad roads in LA?


    Clean Air Act Vehicle Weights:

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