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Thread: NYT Article - Biggest Building Site in Manhattan Up for Sale

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    Aug 2005

    NYT Article - Biggest Building Site in Manhattan Up for Sale

    Interesting article about the proposed development of the Hudson Yards rail yard. NYT - Article - "Biggest Building Site in Manhattan Up for Sale.
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    Apr 2002
    Interesting project, though I can't imagine how large and complicated the permitting and impact reports will be.

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    Jul 2006
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    That sounds like a cool project. I hope the mixed use concept with housing, (including affordable housing) and parks rather than just another cluster of high-end offices will go ahead.

    I hope that the northern end of the High Line can be maintained and not torn down as suggested in the article, since that always sounded like a good project as well.

    I'm assuming the whole thing can be built in such a way that living or doing business in the lower floors is not unpleasant with all those trains underneath.

    Can anyone in NYC (or with better knowledge of the area) comment on what's most likely to be approved? Is NYC's planning authority (and the public) powerful enough to force this development to include things like affordable housing? Most of what I've read about the planning there is that developers have the upper hand.

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    Apr 2006
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    If NYC does require affordable housing the subsidies are going to be huge.Even without it I would imagine the developer will ask for some assistance.

    A billion dollars just for the footings and then going 70 stories up,...I would imagine a square foot would go for over a thousand dollars.

    I love the ambition of Bloomberg, hopefully they can make this happen.
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