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Thread: Conservation easements

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    Conservation easements

    Ok, I too would like to see this sub forum stick around.

    I'm familiar with Colorado's use of conservation easements for tax breaks and land use benefits, but what about other states?

    Does your state, county or city have a tax break system in place for conservation easements?
    Do you see developers or other land owners taking advantage of federal, state or local conservation easement programs?

    The most complex system I've seen and had to deal with is in Loudoun County Virginia.....
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    PA doesn't have any state incentives for easements, but the extra tax benefits added for 2007 via the Fed have increased interest for the year.
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    Conservation Easements...what a great topic

    For a great overview of the current situation with conservation easements, see:

    Lincoln Institute paper: Reinventing Conservation Easements http://www.lincolninst.edu/pubs/PubD...spx?pubid=1051

    And the book titled, [U]Protecting the Land: Conservation Easements Past, Present, and Future

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    Maryland and its various counties have many successful easement programs. There is a statewide agricultural easement program (http://www.malpf.info/), and that site includes links to other state and local progams. The programs that I am familiar with are actual purchases of easements, rather than tax incentive-based programs, however.

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