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Design Workshop, an award-winning, international firm practicing landscape architecture, land planning, urban design and tourism planning, shares its pursuit of beliefs in its remarkable new book, Toward Legacy. This monograph represents Design Workshop’s creative and intricate journey to make each of their projects come as close as possible to ideal.

If you will review the book on your website, we would be delighted to send you a copy. If you would like the book to be available in your on-line store, we can provide copies for you. Based on our initial outreach for Toward Legacy, we believe the book will appeal to an abundance of interested readers.

Toward Legacy is more than a beautiful coffee table book, it is a valuable reference for professionals and students of landscape architecture as well as a “how-to” book for those who appreciate the intricacies of planning and design. Compiled by the most talented and responsible landscape architects in the world, it is most importantly an artfully photographed and incredibly articulate analysis which will challenge practitioners today and long into the future. Toward Legacy raises the bar of what is possible.

Merging artistic vision, environmental sensitivity, community values and sound economics, Design Workshop creates unique and dramatic places that stand the test of time and leave a legacy for future generations. This concept is, in fact, a formalized commitment, often elusive, but always conscientiously pursued by the firm in a collaborative process. The challenge has been ongoing for 35 years as depicted in the illustrative ideas and projects in the book. More than a simple retrospect of one firm’s work, Toward Legacy is a testament to a creative and comprehensive approach to the field of landscape architecture from its origins in academia to its commitment to excellence.

Please contact me to request your copy, for additional assistance and/or questions.

Leslie Hoffman
Hoffman & Company
on behalf of Design Workshop