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Thread: Local governments mandating climate change analysis

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    Jan 2005
    The Gamma Quadrant

    Local governments mandating climate change analysis

    King County, Washington State, will be mandating that climate analysis be included in EIS and similar reviews starting Sept 1. I highly doubt that many more gov's in other parts of the country have the will or resources to follow this example as good as it sounds. It will be interesting to see how many problems they run into trying to work the kinks out of the program/policy.

    Do you think it will be successful? How would you measures success of such a thing?

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    Jun 2007
    Too funny what governments require sometimes. I predict the following conclusion to all projects in the County:

    "The climate analysis indicates that the project will have a nominal cumulative impact, but that individually the project is not significant on a world-wide basis."

    Of course if the project is an above-ground nuclear test facility the answer may be slightly different.

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    Aug 2007
    Somervill, MA

    Int'l Cities on climate change?

    Does anyone know of international examples of cities that have required climate change mitigation for projects? Surely Seattle is not the first. I know German cities require net additional stormwater discharge into the municipal water system... are there similar carbon requirements?

    I came across this guidance document for the UK on planning for climate change:

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