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Thread: Application competitiveness?

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    May 2007
    Oakland, CA

    Application competitiveness?

    When I first when to college out of high school, I preformed horribly, barely scraping a 2.0 for 3 years before finally dropping out in 2001. 5 years later, I've returned to school, scoring a 3.91 over 43 credits at community college, and now a 3.61 over 24 credits at Portland State in the CD program. Assuming I maintain that level of performance (3.6 over another 45 or so credits at PSU), how competitive is my application to the "best" MURP programs? Is my previous performance too damning for me to be confident, or is my recent performance compelling enough?

    Thanks for your input

    - MRB

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    Mar 2002
    Upper left edge
    I can't give a direct answer, but I suspect that your earlier record can be overlooked. I think it will be important to stress your newfound maturity and dedication in any application materials you submit.

    This will probably date me, because I don't know if they still use it, but are you taking the GRE? If so, how well did you do, or do you expect to do? That can make a big difference.

    Back when I was applying to law school, I had an academic record similar to what you describe, but without the 5-year hiatus. I had a really high LSAT score. I applied to several "top" law schools. Some wouldn't look at me (I think I got my rejection from Harvard the same day I mailed my application to them.). Other schools admitted me.

    I think it all depends on how you sell yourself to them and what quirks the particular admissions officer is focusing on.

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    Cyburbian mike gurnee's avatar
    Feb 1998
    Greensburg, Kansas
    I was in exactly the same situation. My application cover letters emphasized the last two years. I was accepted into the Gerogia Tech, North Carolina, and Ohio State programs.

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