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Thread: Registering for RFP?

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    Apr 2007
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    Registering for RFP?

    We are getting ready to put out an developer RFP for a fairly large redevelopment area. I have noticed that some cities require that parties register on the site before they download the RFP. Is there any particular benefit to this practice? Are there advantages to not requiring registration?


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    Dec 1998
    I suppose the benefit is to keep track of who's interested in the RFP. It can give the issuing agency a heads up on who may be submitting on that particular proposal.

    Also, at times, these lists are available for other firms to review, which gives them an opportunity to contact and/or partner with those on the list. This is particularly beneficial if the RFP has a DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) requirement or goal. Prime firms or joint ventures, along with subconsultants, can be formed based on that list alone. Flip side to this is that competing firms know who they're up against and they can use this to their advantage while lobbying and/or competing for the project.

    An advantage to not requiring registration is that there's no bias during the selection process, which makes it a much fairer process (in an ideal world). Decisions cannot be predetermined based on who's on that list, especially if the firm(s) decide to submit on that particular proposal.
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    he other advantage is that the city has a list of everyone with a copy in case it needs to change anything in the RFP, or issue responses to questions.
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    I believe that the main reason for registration is to keep track of who receives an RFP in case there are changes made to the RFP. I know this was a case in a town I just assisted in releasing an RFP - they insisted on registration online, and also require it at the desk for anyone who picks up the RFP in person.

    In this case, the registration was not terribly detailed - I think just an email contact -just enough to be able to reach the person if necessary. I am not sure how the registration list could contribute to any bias in the final decision, so don't see any real downside.

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