I think that it would be fair to say that many planners (and others) on this site may be aware of the difficulties regarding brownfield sites w/ leaking UST's (underground storage tanks)... as expected, the costs of site investigation(s) are often prohibitively expensive. Indeed, many states like Michigan offer a fair amount of incentives to help "balance the scales" in promoting the potential redevelopment of these sites. However, in spite of these incentives... 9,100 leaking UST's remain in the state of Michigan alone. Does anyone have any thoughts on this subject? (i.e. novel programs that may specifically target fmr gas/service stations). Detroit has apparently rolled out a moratorium on constuction of new gas/service station in hope of promoting the remediation of UST's in the city. Obviously, any moratorium be strongly linked to the strength/attractiveness of other state/federal/local incentives... Anyway, any thoughts (similar experieces w/ moriatoria)... suggestions would be greatly appreaciated!