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Thread: illegal small scale quarrying in marginal lands

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    May 2007
    wuhan ,hubei, China

    illegal small scale quarrying in marginal lands

    The issue of illegal small scale quarrying especially by the urban poor has become a source of concern because it has led to landscape deformation and degradation of the land . Why is it that there is little mention of illegal small scare quarrying as a cause of land degradation ? Can someone help with information on this topic please .

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    Jul 2006
    Calgary, AB
    I hope somebody here can help you! I had not heard of illegal quarrying as an issue taking place in North America, but I do know of illegal metal scavenging being an issue in some cities (stealing copper from transformers, stealing plumbing, stealing aluminum telephony equipment housings, etc.) Perhaps the issues are in some ways similar, if not from an environmental standpoint but from a danger to the public and the persons doing the activity...

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    Private property

    Here in the west, there is little that is not owned by someone. Private property owners tend to look after their land, it only becomes a government issue if a trespasser gets shot.

    Even in rare instances when resource extraction is done illegally, it is generally left to the courts to handle a resolution. This can be an order of restoration, or monetary compensation.

    Also, this happens out in the extreme boonies, not in urban settings, and only very rarely.
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    Mar 2005
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    I think illegal excavation happens more than we realize. And in NY, it is dealt with by the DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) Division of Mineral Resources. They are more likely to mitigate the issue, then fine the owner if necessary and that can accumulate to $a bundle$ over time.
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    Mar 2004
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    A gravel mine, quarry or extraction of minerals aka mining requires a special use permit unless its on federal or state lands in my part of the world. In Colorado, we were always reviewing PUD's and/or Conditional Use permits for gravel mining operations taking place in the Platte River. These were done mostly by large mining companies and concrete manufacturing firms. Small quarry activities take place all the time in rural areas of the USA. The US Army Corps still doesn't care if you remove materials from a waterway, as long as you don't fill in wetlands. With the price of concrete having gone through the roof in the last 10 years, I'm surprised we haven't seen more big company pits recently..... If you want to see what poor mining policy and a complete lack of "real" regulation does to a nice state, look no further than West Virginia.....so sad....... There was great photo on a Planning magazine a while back....can't find it now though.....
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