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Thread: Examples of good LRT station / park interface?

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    Jul 2006
    Calgary, AB

    Examples of good LRT station / park interface?

    Hi Cyburbia,

    Hope you can help me out again -- I'm looking for photos or links to photos of good examples of a city park abutting or tied-into an at-grade LRT station, or perhaps how an LRT station can be integrated into the middle of a park environment.


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    Apr 2006
    Highlight of the lowland
    Can't seem to find any good pictures, but Frognerparken/Vigelandsparken in Oslo has three adjacent stops on line 12 (Majorstuen-Kjelsås): Frogner Stadion, Vigelandsparken, and Frogner Plass. The first two are located in the median, with crosswalks across an otherwise relatively busy road (Kirkveien, part of City Ring #2.) Frogner Plass is a really nice stop in the middle of a roundabout. The right-of-way is exclusive to the trams, and has been planted with grass.

    If I remember correctly, one might also look at The Hague... I recall a number of stops in park areas, though I can't remember which lines. Sorry

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    Jul 2006
    Tip of the Iceberg

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