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Thread: How many more trophy homes do we need?

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    How many more trophy homes do we need?

    Working in a resort oriented county allows me to see plans come across our counter that are just incredible. Why on earth does someone need a 36,000 square foot house, including a 16 car garage? The obligatory home theatre that seats 60, the ski in/ski out/ski prep room, the doggy shower room (not kidding), and even his and her master bedrooms (again, not kidding). They have set the "Jones'" standard for the community!

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    Originally posted by Adam & Karl

    This is a necessary part of the dissolution of the social order that is, in turn, necessary for this society to lurch onward to its next evolutionary step. From a practical point-of-view it keeps lots of tradesmen employed now, and will make it easier to find the rich when the time comes

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    Hmm. We will probably stop seeing trophy homes about the same time we stop seeing trophy wives, collections of muscle cars by fossils too old to see over the steering wheel, rich pop stars with cocaine habits and lawyers who keep them out of the slammer, and Donald Trump housing the homeless. In other words, not in your lifetime

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    Apr 1997
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    What amazes me is that these trophy homes aren't even the primary residences of their owners! Imagine what their homes back in Chicago or New York look like.

    Trophy homes bring in tradespeople, which in turn exacerbates the need for affordable housing in resort towns. It becomes a vicious cycle and is a growing dynamic. Trophy homes and their luxury SUV-driving owners are squeezing the soul out of western towns.

    Karl, what was it you said years ago about "surplus value"?

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    It's not a question of need, but where should these home be built? A resort community seems like a logical place to me..not sure why this would come as a surprise to any planner or resident since a designation as a "resort community" was mostly self proclaimed to in order to capitalize on tourism.

    So why all the fuss? As planners, it is not our responsibility to decide what is right and what is wrong, but to devise zoning regulations that will result in the desired outcome. If 36,000 sq. ft. homes or even 5,000 sq. ft. homes are allowed according to the local regs, then it should be assumed that they will be built.

    Simply stated, you wanted it..and you got it!!

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    trophy homes

    As a new member & planning board member & since I live on Cape Cod..are we gifted with trophy homes as a "resort community" bonus?

    I think that was a rhetorical question - just printed out most of the threads on zoning issues, etc. Will have to give them to all PB members.

    Are there any by-laws out there that approach the issue of mansionization - using footprint/% of lot coverage, total bldg. volume, or anything other basis?


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