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Thread: What to include in a contract

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    Nov 2005
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    What to include in a contract

    i recently approached the developer for whom i am an intern about full-time work possibilities upon graduation (august). their response was that i should submit a proposal including the following: 1) compensation and 2) which office i would be working in (the company has several U.S. offices). there is also a possibility that i would work out of the house until they can get a project here in the area, in which case, i would help open their office here in town.

    i have a few ideas as to what should be included in the contract, but i'm really just flying blind. does anyone have any suggestions as to what sort of items and parameters should be set up in a contract like this?

    this will not be a client/consultant relationship, but an employer/employee relationship. it seems like they're asking me to write my own job description.

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    Jun 2007
    It doesn't sound like they are looking for a contract, sounds more like they want you to justify why they should hire you. Businesses are all about making money, you need to show them that by hiring you they will make more money than they are spending on you.

    It could also just be a 'test' to see if you can think in business terms instead of academic. Worst case, it is a brush off....'we looked at your proposal and we can't justify the expenditure at this time".

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