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Thread: Student housing

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    Jun 2007
    Columbia SC

    Student housing

    Hello All,

    Has anyone here had any Student Housing Projects (Dormitories) developed by the private sector, in their respective area? I am researching what other municipalities have done when allowing these projects. Some of the questions that I have are;

    1. What is the maximum number of unrelated adults per unit?

    2. Any parking space requirements?

    3. What Density Factor ?

    4. Any Setback or Height Requirements?

    5. Any Buffer Requirements?

    6. How far from Single Family Zoned properties?

    7. Any other circumstance that I may be forgetting?

    Please provide any feedback. I am trying to get an idea so that we may refine our current regulations based on trends of other municipalities.


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    Aug 2005
    Funky Town, CO.
    The private sector housing marketed to college students that I know used local multi-family zoning and development standards. These facilities look like typical suburban style apartment buildings. College students no longer want to live in old style dorm facilities with small rooms, common toilets and showers. Some new student housing currently being built near our local university is including hot tubs and free use of tanning beds.

    We are also seeing some partnering between the state university and private sector developers. Private developers build apartment style housing on university property and manage the facilities and take the profits under a 30 to 40 year lease agreement. After the lease expires the improvements are transfered to the university. Since the land is owned by the university which is a state organization, the local jurisdiction has no real zoning controls (police power) over what is built. We only can suggest or advise but we can not force the university to not build dorms in a single-family zone district or to include so many parking spaces.

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    Sep 2006
    cyclone land
    I haven't seen dormitories built per se, but have seen developments in college towns that are marketed and made to appeal to college students.
    Examples are "dorm style" apartments, which basically are studio apartments with a mini fridge and other stuff.
    I have also seen apartment complexes built close to campus and marketed heavily toward students as suites, that would be reminiscent of dorm life.
    The regulations for buffering, zoning, lot sizes etc. are the same as those in the high density zones.

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