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Thread: Greensburg, KS rebuild tidbit - build the planned US 54 bypass freeway through town

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    Greensburg, KS rebuild tidbit - build the planned US 54 bypass freeway through town

    In 2002, the town of Greensburg, KS and KDOT (Kansas Department of Transportation) agreed on a routing for a planned US 54 bypass freeway to go around the south part of their village. Now, with an essentially clean slate to work with in rebuilding their town from the F5 tornado hit that they took in early May, 2007, as part of the comprehensive rebuilding plan that they are putting together the local leaders are asking KDOT to reconsider that routing. Instead the locals now want to run it through town, 1.5 blocks north of the existing main street (Kansas Av, current US 54), halfway between Kansas Av and the railroad, for better local visibility and ease of access to the rebuilt town.

    KDOT is interested.

    There is also a potential for the US 54 corridor across Kansas to eventually be designated as a full '2 digit' interstate highway.


    Very interesting.

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    And of course the local land owners are still up in arms even though they don't have homes that it will effect...

    They have finally started to issue building permits. I heard there were huge problems with non conforming lots as you could imagine. From all the first reports it didn't really sound as if the residents were going to build back, but after every dignitary came to visit and tell them, they would, they are. This will be an interesting one to watch for the next 20 years or so and see if they thrive or fail.
    It is all a matter of perspective!!!

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