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Thread: Conservation subdivisions

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    Conservation subdivisions

    Does anyone have a good ordinance for conservation subdivisions? Thanks! John Elsden, City of Taylor, TX

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    We don't, but I'll try to give you some samples from within Texas: Flower Mound, TX has one. Also, you might check with Travis County, TX--I think they were working on something as well. Those are the two that immediately pop into my head, but I think there are some others as well.

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    Try Larimer County Colorado or Douglas County Colorado............or Great Outdoors Colorado.....or some other place in Colorado......
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    I'm gonna pry this one open again...

    ...because we're the early stages of developing a conservation subdivision ordinance. I've located a couple of examples, including Leon County FL, but more would be helpful. We also have Randall Arendt's work on the subject. Any other tips or advice in getting it through the elected officials would also be helpful.

    Thanks in advance.
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    We just adopted a new ordinance in October.

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    I put in a PUD for the outlying areas which functions as our conservation subdivision ordinance.

    Our Land Use Ordinance is on the town's website www.barharbormaine.gov and the search engine is great on the Ordinance - we just changed it to take out the affordability requirement and increase the open space designation so it's more strictly a conservation subdivision - PM me with any questions -

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    The North Georgia Water Conservation District and the Atlanta Regional Commission recently released draft Conservation Subdivision regualtions. You should be able to google it.
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    It is very hard to boiler plate a conservation subdivision ordinance. I should know I was starting to begin one this time last year. You can take good ideas from other areas but it really hinges on what your underlying zoning is and how aggressive your planning commission or elected officials are willing to be. In my case the density was already so high we would have had to down zone prior to attempting to give back density for conservation. If you have an area with 15-50 acre zones then you are prime for conservation subdivision zoning by giving a mere 10-15% bonus density for in kind land contributions. Plan on taking about 6 months to a year for this ordinance to see the council's desk.

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