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Thread: Civil construction. anybody?

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    May 2007
    East Lansing, MI

    Civil construction. anybody?

    I started my planning study two years ago and the more I study planning, the more I become interested in getting a job in civil construction. I thought of changing my major to civil engineering but it's too late and I love planning so much I don't want to give it up.

    I have looked into some of the job postings for construction engineer/manager positions on Monster and CareerBuilder, etc. but they they all seem to require bachelor's degree in civil engineering or construction management at the minimum. I know that not all construction managers come from a technical background and that there's gotta be jobs for planners like me who want to get directly involved in civil construction process.

    Due to limited knowledge and network in civil construction industry, I ask you Cyburbians to give me some guidance. I want to someday work my way into management position (but not necessarily real estate developer) at a civil construction company, making roads, bridges, utilities, etc. And I like to look at the big picture, the whole process.

    So I thought civil construction and urban planning are inextricably linked. What are the chances for planners to get into civil construction? Has any of you experienced/thought of this? Any inputs will be greatly appreciated!

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    Apr 2005
    Section 14-12-7, 3rd PM
    Most civil construction managers I know either worked their way up through the labor pool or have an associates degree in civil technology. And I don't know any that know a lick about urban planning. All they know is the plans given to them and how to get it done.

    Knowledge in urban planning would be most valuable in the design stage of civil engineering.

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