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Thread: Cyburbia Forums statistics

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    Cyburbia Forums statistics

    How come the number of Active Members keeps bouncing around? Just curious.
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    Quote Originally posted by RichmondJake View post
    How come the number of Active Members keeps bouncing around? Just curious.
    Moderator note:
    Users that are "quiet" for 90 days with no posts get moved to "inactive" status by the admins.
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    The number of "active users" is automatically determined by the message board software. It indicates the number of registered users that have logged in within 30 days.

    Users that have never posted, and who have not logged in within 60 days, are pruned. Pruning limits the potential damage from "sleeper accounts" that spammers and hackers may have registered, and prevents infrequent visitors from creating multiple accounts.

    If the email address of a formerly active user that hasn't visited in more than six months or so becomes invalid, they are placed on "inactive" status. They can sign in, but they can't post. They have to write to us to restore their posting privileges.

    We never delete the accounts of spammers or those that fit a spammer's profile, even if they never posted. The accounts are just banned. The accounts are kept so we can find common traits and patterns that will help us better identify and prevent spammers in the future.

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