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Thread: Horizontal or floor level zoning

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    Apr 1997
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    Horizontal or floor level zoning

    Howdy folks:

    We have been implementing horizontal (zoning by floor level) zoning for years in our commercial mixed use districts within our pedestrianized resort core area. The intent is to maintain a vibrant street level with tourist-oriented uses only (restaurants/bars, retail, lodges, etc.). We received an application to amend the zone district to allow offices at street level. Offices are currently a permitted use on the second floor and above.

    My initial thoughts are that offices at street level may be a bad idea and that there are inherent conflicts with our master plan provisions, but I am looking for ideas in case our council wants to consider this as a conditional use.

    My question is this: Do any of you have experience with this type of situation? If so, can you provide any examples of criteria used for evaluation of such a request? An obvious criterion is consistency with master plan concepts, but what else? Any info or direction is greatly appreciated.


    Brent Wilson, AICP
    Town of Vail, Colorado
    Dept. of Community Development
    75 S. Frontage Road
    Vail, CO 81657
    (970) 479-2140
    (970) 479-2452 fax

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    Oct 2005
    Bloomington, Minnesota
    I thought I heard a few years ago that Boulder did something like this in their pedestrian downtown areas. You might check with them.

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