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Thread: Portable storage unit (PODS) regulations?

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    Mar 2007
    Bath Township, Ohio

    Portable storage unit (PODS) regulations?

    Has anyone writen or know of any useful language when it comes to regulating the use of PODS or other storage structures?

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    Jan 2007
    North Carolina
    Here, PODS are classified as "Temporary Metal Storage Buildings" allowable only on construction sites (along with trailers,etc.). Permits are $5 for a max of 6 months, renewable subjuct to no complaints.

    Owner 2 week and 30 day permits are issued (renewable) for residential storm/fire damage prior to construction permits . Household moveing permits are taken out by POD companies for ea. job.

    They are not allowable for residential storage buildings or secondary structures (foundations required). Owners have 7 days to remove before being fined $50/day.

    Hope this helps....

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    Cyburbian Planning Fool's avatar
    Jun 2005
    Northern, VA
    Our Zoning Administration Division is currently working on a Zoning Ordinance Amendment to establish standards for temporary storage containers on residential lots. It's scheduled to go before the Planning Commission on July 19th.
    Take a look at the proposal, click on the Residential Temporary Portable Storage Containers link.


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    ...if memory serves

    If memory serves PODS aren't super huge (probably mistaken there but anyways) so why not require the applicant to enclose them with masonry or some sort of screening vegetation...because we all know what's temporary today quickly finds a way of becoming permanent

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    Oct 2005
    Being near a port city many many people and buisnesses use freight cargo containers for storage on site. Farms in Ag district are allowed up to 2 if you have greater than 5 acres. Commercial and Industrial uses area allowed one. Not allowed in residnetial suburban districts. Are allowed one per lot in resitdential rural districts.

    We would treat PODS in the same manner.

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    Apr 2003
    Somewhere between the mountains and the ocean.
    We are looking at this too. The city of East Grand Rapids adopted something not too long ago that permits them in residential areas.
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    Jul 2004
    the yellow brick road
    Here's a whole new twist. Regulating PODS in Florida after hurricane season?


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    Jan 2005
    Land of Confusion
    I don't know if many municipalities have gotten around to regulating these things but HOAs have. My neighbor got a nasty-gram the other day about his.

    These things are kind of a pain in a multifamily complex because they take up more than one standard parking space.
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    Aug 2005

    We allow them

    Here is our code that regulates PODS:

    Section 6-33.01 Definitions

    “Portable Storage Structure” is any container, storage unit, shed-like container or other portable structure, other than an accessory building or shed complying with all building codes and land use requirements, that can or is used for the storage of personal property of any kind and which is located for such purposes outside an enclosed building.

    Section 6-33.02 Portable Storage Structure

    (A) The use of portable storage structures are allowed under the following conditions:

    1.There must be no more than one (1) portable storage structure per property.
    2.The portable storage structure must be no larger than ten (10) feet wide, twenty (20) feet long and ten (10) feet high.
    3.A portable storage structure must not remain at a property in any zoning district in excess of thirty (30) consecutive days, and must not be placed at any one property in a zoning district in excess of thirty (30) days in any calendar year.
    4.The portable storage structure must be set back a minimum of five (5) feet from all property lines.
    5.The portable storage structure must be set back a minimum of five (5) feet from the nearest wall of a building.
    6.The portable storage structure must be placed on an asphaltic concrete surface.
    7.Portable storage structures associated with construction at a site where a building permit has been issued, are permitted for the duration of construction and shall be removed from the site within fourteen (14) days of the end of construction. Portable storage structures associated with construction are exempt from the aforementioned conditions.

    We felt that PODS often were a benefit to a property owner but the goal was to not have them become a permenant feature of the landscape. We were having issues with PODS becoming like new garages or sheds. The ordinance has been effective in dealing with the issue. (By the way: we are residential suburb of a large metro area in the upper midwest that does not really experience many natural disasters, hence the lack of allowance for events such as hurricances etc., although if I could do it over again I would probably add something to that effect)

    Also I would recommend this website for sample codes on portable storage devices:


    In addition there are several previous threads on Cyburbia that help.

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    Portable storage unit (PODS) regulations?

    There are several regulations that have been passed throughout Ohio - our local PODS franchise met with the Mayor's Council and presented information on utilization, regulations etc. Lakewood Ohio actually passed a regulation that truly meets the needs of local government and the needs of the residents. I do have an extensive database of regulations that I am happy to share, and PODS always appreciates the opportunity to work with a community to develop a regulation that meets the needs of all. I am happy to share information on utilization in your area and provide any information I have that you may find useful. Thank you.

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